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    Combined Cycle Power Plant
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Hydro Power

Over the past three decades, HEI progressed with its strategy of developing both thermal power and hydropower.

Combined Cycle Power

Starting in 1991, HEI became the first Chinese EPC contractor to undertake combined cycle power plant projects.

Thermal Power

Thermal products are one of HE’s leading products. Not only does the company lead the way in China.

Education Background

Welcome to Harbin Electric International Co., Ltd. (HEI)

Harbin Electric International Co., Ltd. (HEI), an important member of HE Group, is China’s leading large-scale enterprise in power project contracting and export of power equipment. Established in 1983, HEI is primarily engaged in the supply of complete sets of equipment, the undertaking of EPC projects, and the construction of relative substation, transmission lines, and other utilities in the area of thermal power plants, hydropower station projects, combined-cycle power plants and wind power projects. HEI also provides comprehensive professional after-sale service for the power plant.

HEI offers a combination of excellence in power plant construction and professional after-sale services. Internationally-recognized engineering management software and HEI-PMS project management system are being adopted for its project management.